Kristen Murtha


Kristen is a producer with a Boston heart and a Hollywood mind. Her work has been seen by audiences on large and small screens around the globe, receiving recognition at over seventy-five film festivals, including Sundance 2017, as well as millions of views online. Kristen's projects span all mediums: live action feature, animated feature, documentary, short film, web series, branded content and more.

Kristen's two theatrical releases last year were BAND AID (IFC Films) and THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE (Warner Bros). She's currently in post-production on Ike Barinholtz's feature directorial-debut THE OATH (QC Entertainment) and a documentary about one woman's journey with overdose titled THE COMEDOWN (Vandiver Productions). She's also currently serving as a Production Executive for Warner Bros. Theatrical Animation division. Her passions are compelling stories and unique experiences.